Terms of Selling to Loopster

These are the terms on which we buy nearly new children’s clothing from you (‘Terms of Selling’). Please read these Terms of Selling carefully before you consider sending us any clothing.


Loopster is operated by Loopster Limited (“We” / “Us”), a limited company registered in England and Wales under company number 10767611. Our registered office and main trading address is at A207, The Chocolate Factory,  Clarendon Road, London N22 6XJ. 


You can contact us by emailing us at support@loopster.co.uk or by writing to us at Loopster, A207, The Chocolate Factory,  Clarendon Road, London N22 6XJ.



To send us your nearly new children’s clothes, you will first need to open a Loopster account and request a Loopy Clear-Out Bag to fill with clothes to sell and send to us. Click here to open your Loopster account.

Once we receive your request, we will send you a Loopy Clear-Out Bag by post free of charge and will enclose a pre-addressed label for you to use when you return it to us. 


Each Loopy Clear-Out Bag must be filled with at least fifteen (15) items of nearly new children’s clothing. If you send us less that fifteen (15) items in any one Loopy Clear-Out Bag, we reserve the right to deduct the postal cost which we paid so that you could send the bag to us for free from the payment we issue you for your clothes.

If you have considerably more than fifteen (15) nearly new clothes to send to us, you can order more than one Loopy Clear-Out Bag free of charge. If you are unsure as to how many bags you may need, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements at support@loopster.co.uk.


All clothes that we buy from you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be children’s clothing from 0-8 years;
  • The clothes must be nearly new, for example:
    • all stitching, buttons and zips must be in good condition;
    • no stains, holes or tears on the outside or inside of the clothes;
    • colours must not be faded;
    • no piling (little bobbles) on the materials;
    • no markings (such as children’s names) on the outside or inside of the clothes; and
    • all clothes must be recently washed and ironed.
  • We do not accept items from the following stores/brands: Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Primark or H&M.  This list may be subject to change so please check back regularly. If you are unsure whether we will accept a certain brand, don’t hesitate to contact us before sending us your item.
  • If in doubt, please don't send us anything of a lesser quality than you would be happy to buy.
  • New clothes with the price tag still on will also be accepted and we will pay more for these clothes than for the equivalent used clothes.
  • We do not accept any of the following types of items in any condition:
    • Children’s shoes or accessories such as: glasses, hats, caps, bonnets, belts, straps, gloves, scarfs, or bibs;
    • Underwear: briefs, knickers, socks, long underwear;
    • Home-made or knitted clothes;
    • Clothes with no brand or size labels; or
    • Counterfeit clothes (we will have full discretion to determine if an item is counterfeit).

We will not accept clothes that do not meet all of the above criteria.


When requesting a Loopy Clear-Out Bag, you will be asked to choose what to do with any clothes that do not fulfil our criteria.

The options are:

(a)   you can ask us to donate them to the charity ‘Traid’or

(b)   ask us to return them to you (you must pay our reasonable postage fees if so).

(c)    If later on, you change your mind about which option you wish to choose, we will not be responsible for your loss if we have already donated them to Traid.


You can send your filled Loopy Clear-Out Bag to us by Royal Mail.

Please put your minimum of fifteen (15) items of clothing inside the pre-labelled Loopy Clear-Out Bag, close it completely with the adhesive strip and drop it at your nearest Post Office.  It is free, postage has already been paid!


To get an idea of how much we might pay you for an item of clothing before you send it to us, you can consult our ‘How much will I be paid?’ guide here.

Upon receiving your clothes, we will inspect and assess every item against our buying criteria

We will then email you a non-negotiable price offer for each item we can accept.

If you want to accept our offer, you then need to select how you would like to be paid (see the Payment section below).

If you don’t want to accept our offer we will return your items to you (you must pay our reasonable postage costs for this).

Loopster will negotiate the shipping or postal cost of returning your clothes with you on an individual basis by email. We will send them by Royal Mail and they will be returned within 2-3 working days at an approximate cost of £3.00 to £4.00.


When you accept our offer of a price for an item, you will then need to tell us how you would like to be paid.

The options are:

(a)   When you sell clothes to us you can choose to be paid in Loopster credit.

  • When you send in your Loopy Clear-Out Bag we will sort through your clothes and then send you an offer. If you choose to accept the offer you can then choose to be paid in Loopster Credit in your account on the website.
  • Each Loopster credit will be the equivalent of £1 sterling and the credits will be placed in your online Loopster account for you to spend on future clothes.
  • We will add additional 10% of Loopster credit to thank you for using the credit which will also be placed in your online account.
  • Your credit will be stored and available indefinitely, however you can choose to have it transferred to you in sterling to your bank account at any point by emailing us at support@loopster.co.uk. Unfortunately we will not be able to transfer the 10% bonus into sterling if we transfer the Loopster credits.

(b)   via Paypal. If you choose this option, we will make payment within fourteen days to your Paypal account;

(c)    direct into your bank account. If you choose this option, you will need to provide us with your bank sort code and account number in your Loopster account and we will make payment within fourteen days of receiving this information. Your bank details will be protected by Secure Socket Layer technology and deleted within 30 days of payment being made.


Before your filled Loopy Clear-Out Bag reaches us:

Royal Mail will usually accept liability for any filled Loopy-Clear Out Bag that has been dispatched to us via Royal Mail up to a value of £100.

If you are concerned about an incident during dispatch to us, please contact us at support@loopster.co.uk.

Once your filled Loopy Clear-Out Bag reaches us:

Once your filled Loopy Clear-Out Bag arrives with us, we accept full responsibility for it.

If your filled Loopy Clear-Out Bag is lost or damaged once it is in our possession, we will reimburse you for the cost of your items. If this happens, we will contact you in advance to agree a price.


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