Jane Fellner

Top of my list of Things They Don’t Tell You About Being a Parent, is that your child will end up with twice as many clothes as you, but will never wear half of them. 

There are all those perfect garments we buy that only get a few wears before suddenly becoming tight under the arms, or short on the leg. Children: they just keep on growing! 

At a time when many of us are becoming increasingly concerned about our throw- away culture, having bin- bags full of hardly used kids’ clothes filling up our homes has become an uncomfortable reality. 

As an investigative filmmaker, I learned first- hand about the cost of fast fashion when I went undercover in Bangladesh for a film about child labour. Ever since, I’ve been passionate about extending the lives of clothes we buy. 

babies clothes

I am also a busy mum who couldn’t find an easy way, either on the high street or online, to sell my son’s outgrown clothes. Although I earmarked them for charity, often they ended up gathering dust in the loft. 

And never mind having the time to rummage through kids’ racks at the local charity shop. 

In this age of convenient supermarket deliveries and late night internet shopping (which, let’s face it, is every mother’s guilty pleasure), why wasn’t there a simpler way to source good quality, nearly new clothes for my son? 

Necessity is the mother of invention (and I am the mother of a child who seems to go up a size every month), so I created Loopster. 

Nearly new kids clothes

Loopster will hand- check every item it sells to ensure it is good quality, and sell it on to other parents at a fraction of High Street prices. With clear photographs of the clothes on our easy-to-use website, searching for stylish bargains on Loopster is not only easy but fun.

And if you want to sell to Loopster, you simply order the Loopy Clear- Out Bag and fill it up with your child’s unwanted clothes. Back at Loopster HQ, we check the condition and quality of the garments. If it makes the grade, we’ll pay you for it. The rest gets returned to you or, if you agree, donated to the charity, Traid. 

Loopster helps you, your kids and the environment. It’s an easy way of giving to charity too. 

Join the Loopster community and start shopping - and earning - now!

And don’t hesitate to contact me if you think there is a way Loopster can do things even better: support@loopster.co.uk

Jane x

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