Trade charity

All the clothes that Loopster receives are carefully checked to ensure that they are in good condition. Only high-quality garments will be considered; clothes that don’t reach our strict standards are donated to the charity, Traid.

TRAID is a UK based fashion reuse charity working to tackle and solve the environmental and social justice problems caused by the production, consumption and disposal of clothes. 

The charity stops unwanted clothes from being thrown away triggering hugely positive environmental benefits including reducing waste and carbon footprints, and keeping the resources we already have in circulation for longer.


TRAID completes the circle by

committing the funds raised from unwanted clothes to global projects ending exploitation in the fashion industry –

things like stopping sweatshop labour and empowering cotton farmers to grow organic and sustainably. 


In 2017, TRAID is funding three projects in India and Bangladesh to stop child and bonded labour, map and drive transparency in textile supply chains, and provide care and education for the children of garment workers.

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