• Order a Loopy Clear-Out Bag

    Simply select “Order Loopy Clear-Out Bag” under the Selling heading and fill in the form. A Customer Account will be created for you, and you should receive your bag 3-5 days later.

    At this point you will also need to specify whether anything that we don't accept should be returned to you at your own cost or donated to charity.

  • Fill the Loopy Clear-Out Bag

    We accept childrens clothes from newborns to 16 years old. We welcome all brands apart from supermarkets, H&M and discounters like Primark. We will only accept clothes that are laundered and ironed.

    We also accept womenswear from all brands apart from supermarkets, H&M, discounters like Primark and fast fashion such as Boohoo.

  • Send the Loopy Clear-Out Bag

    Drop your Loopy Clear-Out Bag at the Post Office where the prepaid label will send it to Loopster HQ.

  • Loopster HQ checks the clothes

    We check that the clothes are in good condition. Loopster cannot accept items that have stains, tears, missing buttons, broken zips, children’s names written in them, or are noticeably worn - out.

    All clothes that are not accepted will either be donated to the charity, Traid, or returned to you at your own cost, depending on what you have specified.

  • Get paid!

    We will send you an email with an offer price for the clothes you send us. Once you confirm you are happy with that price, we will pay you either by bank transfer or via Paypal.


If I send a bag with 15 items, how much am I likely to be paid?

It will depend on the exact style of the garments, but here’s an estimate for nearly new clothes:

  • Jacardi Dress
    (Age 5)   £3.60 - £6
  • Zara Dress
    (Age 5)   £1 - £1.80
  • Petit Bateau Trousers
    (Age 5)   £1.90 - £2.70
  • Boden Dress
    (Age 3)  £1.80 - £2.40
  • JoJo Maman Bebe Jacket
    (Age 3)   £3.10 - £4.70
  • Gap T-shirt
    (Age 3)   £0.80
  • John Lewis Cardigan
    (Age 3)   £1.10
  • Next Jumper
    (Age 7)   £1
  • Ralph Lauren Jacket
    (Age 5)   £9.20 - £27
  • Gap T-shirt
    (Age 5)   £0.80
  • Polarn O Pyret Short Sleeved Top
    (Age 5)   £1.10 - £2
  • Boden T-shirt
    (Age 3)   £1.10 - £1.60
  • John Lewis Jumper
    (Age 3)   £1.10
  • Next Jeans
    (Age 7)   £0.80 - £1.20
  • Ted Baker Shirt
    (Age 7)   £1.90
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