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We are working to close the loop between the use and re-use of clothing.
Extending the life of a child’s t-shirt by just nine months significantly reduces its carbon and water footprint by 20-30%. Shopping second hand also reduces the 350,000 tonnes of clothes that go to landfill every year.
All the clothes that Loopster receives are carefully checked to ensure that they are in good condition. Those that don’t meet the grade, if the seller agrees, are donated to the charity Traid. Loopster has already donated nearly a tonne of clothing to Traid.
Traid sells these clothes to fund projects that reduce the environmental and social impacts of our clothes. They range from supporting the children of garment workers in Bangladesh to investigating ways to reduce textile waste in garment production.
From Jigsaw we have some stunning clothes, many previous season or a few with faults. Loopster has checked these clothes, labelling minor wearable faults or fixing major faults, to sell them at a fraction of retail prices. Ensuring that every classic piece gets to be worn.
Giving fashion a further life, reduces your environmental impact and of course means you can buy better for less!