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Quality Checks


We meticulously check all the clothes and shoes we accept to ensure they are in good condition.
✔️ We only accept freshly laundered clothes.

❌ We do not accept clothing, accessories or shoes that show any sign of wear.

❌ We will not accept clothes, shoes or accessories that have rips, tears, pilling, shrinkage, blemishes or stains of any kind.


We check that it is a brand we accept and that it is authentic.
✔️ We work hard to check and ensure that all clothes we accept are authentically produced by that brand.

❌ We do not accept supermarket brands, discounters such as Primark or fast fashion brands such as Boohoo or Asos.

❌ We cannot resell baby bodysuits from Next, Matalan, Mothercare, Bluezoo, M&S or underwear.

❌ We do not accept H&M’s clothes as they have their own recycling system.