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About Us

Loopster is on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.
The British buy more clothes than any other country in Europe and every year, 350,000 million tonnes of discarded garments go to landfill in the UK, contributing to global warming.                                                                                          Shopping second hand can reduce how much we buy, how much goes to landfill, and the environmental impact of our clothing.
Loopster makes it quick and convenient to buy and sell second hand, sustainable fashion.
For shoppers, we offer premium quality, hand-checked womens and kid’s clothes at a fraction of high street prices. We stock high-street to high-end brands ranging from M&S, Jojo Maman Bebe to Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney.
Sellers simply send us their clothes in a Loopster Clear Out Bag and we do all the hard work, paying upfront for everything that is resellable. 
And we have “New Jigsaw Clothes” from this premium brand-  past season, returns or slightly faulty clothes that deserve to be treasured.
Loopster was founded by Jane Fellner. Previously an investigative filmmaker, she learnt about the cost of fast fashion when she went undercover in Bangladesh to make a film about child labour producing clothes for a leading British retailer. 
Now a team that spans from Newport to Lisbon is working to make  Loopster the most convenient way to buy and sell second hand and previous season new clothes.